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Stutterboy is a 4-piece indie-rock act based out of Brooklyn, New York, which consists of Miles Grossenbacher (Keys, Vox), Alex Byers (Bass, Vox), Jimmy Petrich (Drums) and founder/front man Grover Doyle (Guitar, Vox). Per Illustrate Magazine's review "Stutterboy is back with his album, “Stutterboy ii,” which is making its official release this May 30th. This full-length album showcases a renaissance of 1980s Post-Punk and 1990s Psych rock, but is infused to create a more original sound. He also brings another long-gone yet widely hyped decade with the 1960s Northern Soul and West Coast Surf music. This whole amalgamation of music spans over ten tracks.

The project more or less began when Grover Doyle connected with friends, studio engineers and instrumentalists Zoltan Sindhu and Greg Tock. With the help of these two, Doyle created the  self-titled LP "stutterboy" which released in April 2021. While this first release was primarily an expression of delayed adolescent angst, Doyle began a second album shortly thereafter, which took a slightly softer bend.

Later that year, Keyboardist Grossenbacher entered the picture, and what began as a lazy surf punk thrill evolved into synth-bound blend of post-punk and college rock. Then, with the slow addition of rhythm section Byers and Petrich, Stutterboy came to life and entered the NYC live music scene, playing at venues Arlene's Grocery, Pete's Candy Store and Pianos.

This year Stutterboy has released three singles ("When You Call Me" and "Crossing Over" and "False Dam") , all of which featured on their second LP which released at the end of May 2023. 

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